Sunday, 31 August 2014

Thessaloniki and Pre-Starting Line Bastard Grass!

Thessaloniki, the co-capital for Greece. It has a very interesting history, check out the wiki page.

Thessaloniki Wikipedia

There is the white tower.

This was a prison for naughty people, some guy earned his freedom by painting the tower white and hence its modern name, oooOOoo.
The promenade.

Delightful stretch of coast to wonder

TV Tower.

Yup, its an eye catcher!

The castle overlooking the city was definitely a highlight.

Excellent views over the city, well worth the huffing and puffing up the hill! If you are from Thessaloniki, this is where you bring a girl on your first date... or to suck face in a delightful panoramic view of the sunset! Great spot! 
Just on a date, me and my bicycle that is...

All in all, Thessaloniki is a nice city with a diverse and busy city centre. The student areas are great for getting a cheap bite to eat.

Bastard grass! 

After watching the sunset with my picnic dinner on the top of the old castle walls, I pick up my bike, both tires are punctured! The culprit! This stuff!

Ok, its not a grass, its Tribulus terrestris . These dried nutlets are not much fun for bikers

Its ok, it was only 8 punctures and a whole evening repairing them. The view over the city by night made it better.

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