Saturday, 23 August 2014

About me

My name is Ryan Mckenna and I'm about to start my biggest adventure yet!

I'm an out doors and adventure sports enthusiast from Northern Ireland. I've been living on Samos (Eastern Aegean) in Greece for the past 4 months on an internship with a marine conservation research institute. Towards the end of a year living and working in Galway (Ireland) I decided it was now or never to set myself a challenge after my time in Greece, to cycle home.

With my camera and my trusty journal I am documenting my time in Greece and my cycle though Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary.

The Olympus TG1, it's Ryan proof! 
My Trusty Journal

Previous Adventures


Hong Kong
(to be updated)


New Zealand
(to be updated)

(to be updated)

(to be updated)

The Sea
(to be updated)

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