Thursday, 28 August 2014

Big Hills, Lesbians and Overnight Ferries

 After making 5 am pancakes for my delightfully intoxicated friends...

A lot of faffing!

A last sunrise over Turkey

A puncture repaired!

A little help from Daniel!

I'm on the road! Up hill to the other side of the island. My trusty steed feels heavy, I cycle in the lowest gear possible.  Sweaty as get out!

A last wave to the lovely Vathi

On to the ferry

Where I found a toilet with one of the best views I'd seen in a long time!

The ferry calls at the islands of Samos - Chios - Lesvos (Mitilini) - Limnos - Thessaloniki

Lesvos! Yes! Greece invented Lesbians! In 7 BC a woman by the name of Sappho wrote a lot of poetry dedicated to love and desire, much of it was about women! And so Lesvos became a name associated with female homosexuality.

There is a Women Together Festival every September, a lesbian pilgrimage if you will.

Statue of Sappho

It was cheeky but I needed to do it in order to save money. I bought a ferry ticket to Lesvos and stayed on the ferry until Thessaloniki...

After sharing a few Ouzos with some Greeks it was time to sleep.

I met this rather interesting character while helping him and his father onto the boat with their things. Yanni is a Greece Swiss organic farmer that is planning to walk from Switzerland to Samos! It would only take 30 - 45 days.

Journey thus far

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