Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pack, Packing and Repacking

Tomorrow morning I am cycling 12 km to the port of Samos to get the 8 am ferry to Thessaloniki. Goodbyes and farewells to the fantastic people I've met here, you will be missed!

It is time to move on and do what I've been planning the last 9 months! I flew my bike from Dublin to Crete it amazing, with RyanAir you can pay an extra EU50 under sports equipment and take a huge bike box with a limit of 30 kg. You can hide a lot in there!

My chariot
I've spent the last 2-3 days packing, packing and repacking my things to loose all unnecessary weight. Yes that is a guitar on the back, its going to be the best or worst idea to bring along for the trip. May have to try busking if things get tight.  

The last few weeks have rolled by very quickly but I feel I've made the best of it. at the top of Ikaria

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